Atlas PROfilax

The atlas (C1) not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton. AtlasPROfilax® is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).  Click here to learn more about AtlasPROfilax®

Dr. Hogenson is one of only 14 practitioners in the United States that performs the AtlasPROfilax® procedure and has over 20 years of experience with a primary focus on the upper cervical. He has successfully treated over 20,000 patient visits. He is the sought after doctor for many notable world class athletes traveling extensively to treat the likes of UFC World Champions Robbie Lalwer, Amanda Nunez, Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich, Jens Pulver, and Heisman Trophy Winner/NFL All Pro/Olympic athlete Hershel Walker and many others. 

How much time does the AtlasPROfilax® treatment take? 

The application of the AtlasPROfilax® method takes two scheduled appointments.  Both of these appointments are included in the $300 cost of the procedure:

1st appointment (approximately 60 minutes)

  • Informative conversation
  • Complete client intake form
  • Assessment
  • Application of AtlasPROfilax® treatment

Follow-up appointment (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Complete feedback form
  • Assessment
  • Upper/lower back massage with a thumper

Is the AtlasPROfilax® treatment safe?

The AtlasPROfilax® method does not pose any health risk because the mechanical vibration is tailored to each individual and works without any manipulation or direct contact to the atlas vertebra. The application works only on the short muscles of the neck in order to let the atlas move into its natural and stable position.

The AtlasPROfilax® application can be performed only by an AtlasPROfilax® specialist (AtlasProf®) who has been educated and certified at the AtlasPROfilax® Academy Switzerland.

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