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Carmen S.-
"I have suffered with dizziness, neck pain, and back pain for 30 years. Since I have been seeing Dr. Wayne he has greatly helped me with my neck pain, dizziness, depression, breathing problems, tail bone problems, and my hip and back pain"

David P.-
"I just wanted to let you know how much Dr. Wayne Hogenson has helped me with my migrianes. When I first started seeing Dr. Hogenson I was getting headaches daily and migraines every month. Since I have been seeing Dr. Hogenson I do not get many headaches and my migraines are gone. He has taught me to treat the cause and not cover the pain up with Tylenol and pain pills. I feel so much better and have more energy since I don't loose sleep or work from my migraines. Thank you Dr. Hogenson for giving me better days and giving my life back!"

Kris H.-
"My freshman year in high school I injured my lower back playing sports. It was an injury that lingered with me for over two years. Then in my junior year, I injured my neck severely during practice. I wasn't sure that I would be able to even get out of bed for the next few days, let alone participate in a wrestling tournament two days later. That was when I went to Dr. Hogenson. Under his care, I got my neck and back problems fixed and was even able to do well enough in the wrestling tournament to advance to the next week. Since then, I have continued to see Dr. Hogenson regularly because I consider Dr. Hogenson to be a good friend, he is also willing to go he extra distance, and cares about you not only as a patient but as a person as well, and will make sure you are satisfied."

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